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Japanese Shiba Inu Puppy Dog in a Kimono

Somebody made a real Nyan Cat

Nyan the Strawberry Pop Tart Rainbow Kitty Cat


“I like walks!”

“I like walks!”, originally uploaded by pyza*. Chmurka the hamster goes for a walk.

This little white dwarf hamster loves sesame seeds!

Pearl Dwarf Hamster emptying pouch, originally uploaded by julietvanree. Yummy nom nom nom!

Little gray dwarf hamster is angry

Dwarf hamster, originally uploaded by romap. He does not look happy. He’s probably hungry!

Guinea Pig in a Dragon Costume

guinea_dragon_ftw, originally uploaded by ninjaphysics40. This is the cutest little guinea pig costume ever!

My bat named Angel

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Yorkie vs. Maltese!

No squeeze me! I r not squeeky toy!

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